Make Balanced Dog Food at Home

by DogsPlace on August 6, 2012

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Dog food

Dog food

As a dog owner, you may have spent lots of time searching for exciting foods for your dog. If you are lucky enough, your dog likes most of the foods. But, have you ever questioned yourself if the food you serve your dog is healthy and balanced enough for its fitness? Well, in today’s writing, I’ll share some important tips  so that you can prepare balanced dog foods right at your place. You can either serve the homemade foods to your pets or can serve these simultaneously along with the bought ones. So, check the following dog food tips carefully.

  • Balance the Diet: Can you guess why vets discourage making dog foods at home? Yes, you have speculated it right. In most of the cases, homemade dog foods do not contain adequate and well balanced diets. So, when making foods for your dog, ensure that each and every nutritious ingredients are present in the raw foods. Remember that, unbalanced foods often cause deficiencies to your dogs, especially the puppies. So, double check if the food has enough calcium, other minerals, protein and vitamins.
  • Select Meat: Dogs are undoubtedly carnivorous animals. They live on meats. This is the reason why the main items in dog foods are meats. So, when preparing the dog food, carefully choose usable meats. You can choose beef, mutton, buffalo, chickens or any other meat categories. Know Better Pet Food [1] suggests that the ratio of fat should not be more than 15/20%. You can occasionally feed fish, but it should never be the main dish.
  • Choose Vegetables: Balanced dog foods should contain at least 25% vegetables. But, pet specialists suggest that it would be better if the vegetables are slightly steamed. However, almost all of the vitamins and minerals should come from the vegetables. So, you need to pay special attentions in choosing the right vegetables.
  • Natural Fibers: The body functionality of your dog is not very different from human digestion systems. Therefore, foods that contain natural Fibers should be given equal emphasis as that for the human body. [2]
  • Stop Feeding Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are necessary for the human body. But, if you feed your dog foods that contain Carbohydrates, it will start growing fat. Carbohydrates also cause some diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, allergies and kidney disease. So, avoid carbohydrates for a better health of your dog.

Finally, homemade foods for your dog can be great if you can blend in all the necessary elements. So, when preparing foods for your dog, keep the tips in your mind.

Sources: [1] & [2]

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Green August 7, 2012 at 10:53 am

Nice post, I have a dog and I never thought of mixing everything in dog’s foods. I thought carbohydrates were good for it, but you have changed my view. Thanks for sharing these valuable thoughts. Waiting for more…


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